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Remember Ron Thom:
The Old and the New

The following two comics both deal with Ron Thom, the architect responsible for Massey College (he is mentioned occasionally inWest of Bathurst as "Tom Rhon"). The first one dates from several years ago (probably 2001 or so) and was originally published in the Massey yearbook; I have not tweaked it at all, so it's a little rough and ready. The second one won the 2009 Massey T-shirt competition and will eventually be appearing on a T-shirt near you. I think I may sort of have an issue with Ron Thom. Ah well.

Note for non-Masseyites: the inscription "Remember Ron Thom, ARCHITECT" appears on a plaque on the side of the Massey bell tower. This plaque has served as a source of amusement for Junior Fellows since it was put up eight or nine years ago.