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Saturday, August 26, 2006

West of Bathurst 14

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Saturday, August 26, 2006
Panel 1: This is another Sunday-style colour comic. The long title panel shows a close-up of a hand holding a piece of lined paper. At the top of the page, in black ink, is "West of Bathurst," circled in blue, and "by Kari Maaren," in a jagged blue circle. Beneath "West of Bathurst," in blue ink, is "Start-of-Term Checklist," which is underlined. We can see part of the list beneath. Off to the left are two partially visible words, probably "binders" and "pencils" (the former is checked). In the next column are "new pens" (checked), "textbooks (3 classes)" (unchecked), and "underwear" (unchecked), plus something that ends in "ks" or "ts" (unchecked). In the third column are "Kraft Dinner" (unchecked), "printer paper" (unchecked), and "libido" (checked twice).

Panel 2: In the Davies quadrangle, three young women are seated on an uncomfortable-looking bench made up of a series of thin wooden slats. Behind them, we can see a tree and the orange brick walls of the college. The woman in the middle is Marie. She is flanked by a white woman with long, dark brown hair and glasses and a white woman with short, curly brown hair. The blue-haired black woman we've seen a few times is passing behind them.

Long-Haired Woman: Hey...anybody notice the new Junior Fellow who looks like a Greek god?

Marie: You mean Casey?

Curly-Haired Woman: Oooh, yes!

Panel 3: Both the long-haired woman and the curly-haired woman are smiling rather lustfully.

Long-Haired Woman:
Soooo beautiful.

Curly-Haired Woman: I shall bear his children. Just try and stop me.

Voice From Off-Panel: Girls...

Panel 4: The blue-haired woman crosses her arms and glares at them. Marie has the grace to look slightly guilty.

Blue-Haired Woman: Snap out of it. I mean, really. Five minutes in the presence of a good-looking guy, and you're suddenly going all post-feminist on me?

Panel 5: The blue-haired woman perches on the bench's armrest and leans in towards the curly-haired woman.

Blue-Haired Woman: Face it: men that pretty are invariably jerks. Ten to one Casey is arrogant...two-timing...self-centred...back-stabbing...

Voice From Off-Panel: *Ahem*

Panel 6: Casey has appeared, holding six bottles of beer in a cardboard carrier.

Casey: Sorry to interrupt; it's just that I saw you all sitting out here entirely without beer. Luckily, I have the power to rectify this hideous situation.

Panel 7: Casey is gone. The long-haired woman is back to looking lustful. The blue-haired woman stares after the retreating Casey.

...and very, very smooth.

Blue-Haired Woman: Well, damn: now I'm in love.

Alt-Text: You think this is far-fetched? Just wait till mid-September...!

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