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Saturday, September 23, 2006

West of Bathurst 28

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Saturday, September 23, 2006
Note for people reading the comic in 2019 or later: West of Bathurst was published between 2006 and 2014. At that time, the head of Massey College, the institution that provided the inspiration for the fictional Davies College, was called the Master. In the 2017 - 2018 school year, the title was changed to "Principal." Regard these comics as historical documents, or, at the very least, as fictional versions of historical documents. They reflect the truth of the time in which they were produced.

Panel 1: 
In the title panel of a Sunday-style colour comic, Marie stands looking at an imposing series of framed portraits on an orange wall. The first portrait, which is only half visible, is of a bald man with an impressive white beard who is glaring at the viewer through his glasses. He is dressed in a black robe with red stripes on the shoulders, as are the people in the other portraits as well. The plaque under the first portrait can't be read in full; we can see "MMINGS / TER / 1974." The second portrait is of a chunky man with brown hair and a moustache. His plaque reads: "F. R. ANDERSSON / MASTER / 1974 - 1981." The third portrait is of a gaunt, scowling man with a long face and a shock of grey hair. He is "JAMES P. ARTHUR / MASTER / 1981 - 1988." The fourth portrait is of a woman with short light-brown hair and glasses. She is "JEAN PACK / MASTER / 1988 - 1995." The fourth portrait has no one in it. Instead, it contains a note reading: "WATCH THIS SPACE." Its plaque reads: "D. RAMSAY / MASTER / 1995 -." At the top of the panel, in fancy white font on a brown board, are the words "West of Bathurst / by Kari Maaren."

Panel 2: Marie and Rahim are in the Davies common room, sitting on orange couches pushed back against a brick wall. Behind them on the wall is a huge painting that is partially visible in most of the panels. Its content is unclear, but I'm happy to tell you that it depicts the fall of Icarus, the perfect subject matter for a graduate college. Rahim is reading The Globe and Mail, a newspaper.

Marie: Y'know, I just realised: I've never met the guy who's supposed to be in charge of this place.

Rahim: Master Ramsay? You've met him.

Panel 3:

No, I haven't.

Rahim: Yes, you have.

Panel 4:

 No, see, I'm sure I would remember that. Funny...everybody talks about how friendly he is--

Rahim: You've met him.

Panel 5:

Marie: I haven't.

Rahim: You have.

Marie: I haven't!

Rahim: Trust me, you have.

Panel 6: Someone moving at almost supersonic speed zooms across the panel, going "WHOOOOSH."

Rahim [not looking up from newspaper]: Morning, Master.

Master Ramsay: Hellocolleaguescan'tstoptochatgottomeetwiththeGovernorGeneralinHamiltonnicetorunintoyoooouuuu......

Panel 7:

Rahim: Met, yes. Seen, probably not.

Marie: So that's what that was...

Alt-Text: Okay, so maybe I lied about all the characters being entirely fictional...

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