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Saturday, October 7, 2006

West of Bathurst 35

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Saturday, October 7, 2006
Panel 1: Iiiiiiit's colour comic time! In the long title panel, we see the blue-haired woman, whom I simply cannot believe hasn't been named yet, talking into a flip phone (the comic was published in 2006, after all) while gesturing towards Marie. The woman is saying, "West of Bathurst (by Kari Maaren)."

Panel 2: Marie and the blue-haired woman are walking through the college basement.

Woman: Michelle is going out with Jim now.

Marie: Oh yeah? One of them tell you?

Panel 3:

Woman: I got it from Jane, who overheard Mike and Sara discussing it at lunch.

Panel 4: They ascend a staircase.

Woman: Mike saw something about it in an e-mail he read over Bob's e-mail from Tom, who had just been messaged by Tyler.

Panel 5: They exit through the foyer and head out into the quadrangle.

Woman: Apparently, he'd been talking to Elizabeth, whose sister's boyfriend, a Davies alumnus, had seen a reference on the alum listserv...

Panel 6:

Woman: the time last month when Alice had noticed Jim and Michelle walking across the quadrangle no more than three meet apart.

Panel 7: Marie stands despairingly near a wall while the blue-haired woman begins to walk away.

Marie: Why did I move in here?

Woman: According to popular opinion, monstly because you're gullible.

Alt-Text: Gossip? At "Davies"? Goodness gracious me, NEVER!

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