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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

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Yes, folks, "Barry," who will be making an appearance in every strip running this week, is Massey's own Barry Rowe. Let me explain: several months ago, Barry bought--in the Massey talent auction--a cameo in WoBand a framed, personalised cartoon. The two of us have not yet actually discussed this fact at all, so I haven't done the personalised cartoon, and I haven't yet given Barry a real cameo (I want to consult with him first). This appearance, which is occuring during a storyline that can not really be described as "light and fluffy," is notBarry's official cameo; you might think of it more as a sort of place-holder for his character. I would like Cartoon Barry to do at least slightly more than stand around helplessly as the protagonist suffers what appears to be some sort of nervous breakdown. With luck, he will turn up again next term.

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