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Saturday, August 11, 2007

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Heh...this comic needs footnotes.

The Latin translation of "West of Bathurst" in the comic was provided--with several possible variations--by Adam Bishop, Jennifer Konieczny's medievalist friend. My own knowledge of Latin is, unfortunately, confined to fading memories of Wheelock's Latinand not-such-fading memories of my desperate and unsuccessful attempts to translate hitherto untranslated Latin passages so that I could include them in my dissertation. Therefore, if any of you have a problem with "ab occidente de Bathursto" (Adam really agonised over those prepositions, by the way), I suggest you hunt Adam down and explain to him how and why he is wrong. For my part, I shall simply thank him profusely.

The Middle English gloss is mine.

The passage Casey is reading out isby Frederick Barbarossa.

This comic is dedicated to Adam Bishop, Jennifer Konieczny, Helen Marshall, Peter Buchanan, and anyone else who has taken (or is about to take) the U of T Medieval Centre's terrifying Ph.D. Latin exam.

Comics copyright Kari Maaren 2006-2007