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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Below you will find four entries in the 2007 Massey College orientation-week scavenger hunt (item six). The assignment was as follows: each House (there are five college Houses to which residents belong; non-residents collectively form House VI) had to create a live-action version of a West of Bathurst strip. Four of the six Houses came through. Here, in order of House number, arethe original strips followed by the recreations.

Please note that while some of the entrants have given me permission to publish their names, others wish to remain anonymous.

House II

Ah, yes: the Strip With Four Extremely Similar Panels. I do like the way House II handles it, however:

Look at that: a Casey lookalike! At Massey! This year! The only major difference is the tie (Casey would never wear a red tie. I don't think he even owns a red tie. He's all green, all the time). Marie's facial expressions here also please me quite a lot.

House IV

Good old first-day-at-Massey-strip-mark-two. House IV's interpretation:

In this strip, put together by Jordan Poppenk, the first two panels are pretty accurate (despite Baldwin's sex-change) and demonstrate that I am not very good at perspective. Then things get a little weird, albeit in a fun way. Marie is here played by the back of Ali Doroudian's head; Heather Sheridan makes a suitably perky Wendy. I must say that I utterly love panel two, in which you can see the Massey porter's lodge in all its glory.

House V

There is a reason House V has seemingly foolishly chosen a strip that involves seven characters. Let us explore that reason:

Poor Marie can't keep a straight face here. In fact, the only person who can is Rahim, who doesn't actually belong to House V at all (he's an alumnus). As well, various House V-ers have revealed that they sort of ran out of people and had to keep switching roles; as you can see, Jeff Rybak starts out as Felicia and then turns into Cousin It or Grendel or something to play Bleachy. (I am wondering about the monster arms in panel 3. I am liking them, but I am wondering about them.) House V chose this challenging strip because the guy with the huge beard in panel 1 is, in fact, the actual guy with the actual huge beard used as an actual model for the character of Barry (the real bearded guy is also named Barry).

House VI:

I think it is fairly obvious why House VI chose this strip:

The House VI-ers made this recreation about five minutes before the end of the scavenger hunt; the lack of word balloons is thus understandable. However, as you may be able to see, House VI also scores major brownie points by putting into the recreated strip the man who served as the model for one of the characters...and, moreover, putting him in in the same shirt he is wearing in the comic. The other character in the strip is me, though that is not me in the recreation. I think the substitute is doing a pretty darned good job, however. Mr. Batman is touching his face with the wrong hand; otherwise, we've got a nice little last-minute masterpiece here.

Though Houses I and III did not come through on item 6, I'm sure they completed it in spirit.

The curious should note that the non-residents won the scavenger hunt in the end.

Comics copyright Kari Maaren 2006-2007