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Friday, September 28, 2007

West of Bathurst 213

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Friday, September 28, 2007
Panel 1: In the Davies College common room, Frankie is sitting on a couch, reading a newspaper. Baldwin comes up behind her and leans against the back of the couch. He is smiling in an especially creepy way.

Baldwin: Hi. I'm Baldwin.

Frankie [not looking at him]: That's nice.

Panel 2: Baldwin sort of rolls over the back of the couch.

Baldwin: I was thinking of seeing a movie tonight. Want to come?

Frankie: Not really.

Panel 3: Baldwin, still grinning, leans right over into Frankie's personal space.

Baldwin: Weren't you friendlier last week?

Frankie: You weren't hitting on me last week.

Panel 4: Marie and Rahim have been watching from a distance.

Well, I'll say this for him: he's got guts.

Marie: Or he did before she started yanking them out and stomping on them...

Alt-Text: I have never been able to understand how people can operate the way Baldwin does here. I can especially never understand when this approach works.

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