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Saturday, November 17, 2007

West of Bathurst 238

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Saturday, November 17, 2007
Panel 1: In the title panel of this colour comic, Barbara sits at a table, a laptop in front of her. She is holding an essay, which she is shaking angrily. Marie, passing by, glances aside at Barbara. The left half of the panel is occupied by what seems to be the title page of an essay. The title is: "Somebody Else's Idea: / A Completely Original Essay." In red ink, someone has written, "West of Bathurst?", with an arrow pointing towards the title, plus, "by Kari Maaren!", with another arrow and an asterisk.

Barbara: Oh, come on!

Panel 2: Marie looks over Barbara's shoulder as Barbara glares down at the paper she's holding.

Barbara: Look at that. Look at it! This paper is stolen word for word off a random website!

Panel 3: Marie sits down next to Barbara.

Barbara: She didn't even change the title or remove the bit where the author referred to his own book. I don't think she read the original essay at all.

Panel 4: 

Barbara: How stupid do students think we are? Do they figure we've never heard of Google? What's going through their minds when they pull stunts like this?

Panel 5: Casey walks by behind Barbara and Marie.

Barbara: There needs to be a special hell for plagiarists...a place where they're forced to mark stolen papers for eternity while students scream in their faces:

Panel 6: Barbara leaps to her feet, seizes Casey by the tie, and shakes him violently back and forth.

We're wasting your time! We're doing it on purpose! Give us good marks, filthy SLAVES!

Panel 7: Marie, alarmed, has jumped up to try to help Casey, though she doesn't seem sure how. Barbara is still hanging onto him.

Barbara: Tell me there's a special hell.

Casey [choking]: If I do, will you let go of my tie?

Alt-Text: There is a special hell for plagiarists, and the name of that hell is KARI.

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