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Friday, March 21, 2008

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This comic is dedicated to Noam Miller, Massey's outgoing Don of Hall, and is a bit of a tribute to his reputation as a trickster-Don. During this year's Don elections, two of the three candidates, in reponse to a question about how they would do things differently from the old Don, explained that they would not be practical jokers. Noam later professed himself baffled by their words. Those of us witnessing this bafflement promptly mentioned the time he added umlauts to most of the vowels in the quotation that ringed the Massey dining hall...just before the king and queen of Sweden dropped by for dinner.

Noam, you were a great Don; we'll miss you and your musical versions of Massey's Latin grace.

Comics copyright Kari Maaren 2006-2008