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Monday, June 23, 2008

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This comic is dedicated to Katherine, Dan, Ester, Ben, House, Jen, Simon, Kevin, and my Mom and Dad, all of whom were present for the Great Mayonnaise Discovery (i.e., that in a small, unscientific survey conducted at a pub, 100% of the women asked liked mayonnaise, while 100% of the men didn't).

For some reason, most of us have, in the ensuing week and a bit since the Discovery, remained intrigued by the whole mayonnaise dilemma. I am thus going to attempt to aid our understanding of the phenomenon--if phenomenon it be--by means of a small, unscientific survey conducted on the Internet.

If you wish to take part in this madness, drop me an e-mail here. In the body of your message, state your sex and whether or not you like mayonnaise. For the record, people who will only tolerate mayonnaise when it is mixed with some other type of food (such as tuna fish) do not count as liking it.

I'll announce the results (if there are any) next Monday. No, I have no real reason for initiating this survey. I just am.

Oh...and I had mayonnaise on my fries last night.

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