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Saturday, September 20, 2008

West of Bathurst 392

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This comic is dedicated to my friends Erwin and Murray, whom I had to ditch a bit early yesterday evening so that I couldcolour those damn bricks. Sorry, guys...but look! Bricks! So! Many! Bricks! Hurrah!

Saturday, September 20, 2008
Panel 1: In the Davies College foyer, we can see three pictures hanging on the brick wall. One is mostly out of sight. The second features a fat old white man whose shirt reads, "WEST OF BATHURST." The third shows a grey-haired white woman holding a sign reading, "BY KARI MAAREN." The pictures jiggle on the walls. Rahim, holding a cup of coffee, glances to his right. Barbara, beside him, takes off running.

Rahim: He's coming.

Barbara: Head for the hills!

Panel 2: The next six panels all feature Master Ramsay running around in a huge circle while talking continuously to the people he sees. As his words never stop, I'll record them all here in Panel 2; however, they continue until Panel 7. Master Ramsay is represented by an enormous "WHOOSH."

Master Ramsay: GoodmorningcolleaguessoverynicetoseeyouallagainwhatlovelyweathertherewillbeenchiladasforlunchhasanyoneseentheGlobeandMailyoulookdownMariecheeruptimetomeetthepremierfarewell--

Master Ramsay passes Rahim, who is standing against the brick wall, holding his coffee.

Panel 3: Master Ramsay zooms past a young brown-haired woman, blowing her hair back, and between Marie and Wolfgang, who are standing near the bulletin board.

Panel 4: Outside the doors to the foyer, Master Ramsay buzzes Felicia, blowing her hair back, and Casey, who is heading into the quadrangle.

Panel 5: In the quadrangle, Master Ramsay passes between a young brown-haired man and Baldwin, who have been tossing a frisbee back and forth.

Panel 6: Master Ramsay whizzes back into the foyer, between Wolfgang and Marie and past the brown-haired woman, who still isn't prepared for the wind of his passing.

Panel 7: Master Ramsay roars triumphantly past Steve and Stella.

Steve: I'd heard this place was haunted.

Stella: Do ghosts generally move faster than sound?


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