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Monday, October 6, 2008

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Three things today:

1) This is West of Bathurst's four hundredth in-sequence comic (not counting the one-panel special comics, I mean). I am a procrastinating queen .

2) You may notice a new button right under the navigation links above. It is there at the request of several people from both Massey and elsewhere. I've been reluctant to institute any sort of comment apparatus, partly because I am quite, quite lazy, but some of you guys really seem to want one, so I have bowed to the dictates of...random Internet peoples...

It is nota forum. There simply aren't enough readers to justify a forum; I'm also a bit prejudiced against fora, which have a tendency to spin swiftly out of control. Instead, I've set up a little blog-like thingy. You don't have to register to comment. Just click on the "comment" link above. The first post explains everything you'll need to know. For now, I'll just say: if you choose to use the comment function, please don't abuse it. Be polite. Big Brother is probably not watching you, but still.

EDIT: I have had to switch blog providers, as Blogger now forces people who want to comment to sign up for Google accounts (or makes their lives difficult if they don't). Wordpress seems slightly more sane; it asks you to enter an e-mail address, but it does not display that address publicly. Besides, Blogger has gone and labelled the WoB blog a "splog" or "splam blog"; I have had to apply for a review. Until someone deigns to check it out, it's locked, though the comment section isn't. The button above now directs you to Wordpress, not Blogger.

3) On Tuesday, I've got another article showing up on Vulpes Libris. This one's about Batman. Yes, I was asked to write about Batman; I didn't choose the subject myself. There's actually a sort of Batman series going on right now. It started last Tuesday with a piece on the Joker, and there will be at least two more entries, though I'm not sure when.

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