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Thursday , April 2, 2009

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If you missed the April Fools' Day prank, go here; it will also be available forever after via the "Miscellaneous" page and the archive. The special one-off banner willbe posted on the "Miscellaneous" page. The comic you see above is the one that I would have posted on Wednesday if I hadn't decided to be silly instead.

Some of you have asked, so:

No, Treachery, Incorporated doesn't really exist, but yes, it is a fully realised story that has been growing in my head for a while now. I started off thinking I would make it into a comic, but I'm now leaning towards writing it as a novel. The excerpt on the April 1 page comes from quite early in the story and features two of the major characters: a young woman named Sam who starts everything off by horribly betraying her best friend, and a bike courier named Mor who delivers a certain essential message to her apartment soon afterwards. Of course, absolutely nothing is as it seems. With a title like that, it wouldn't be.

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