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Monday , May 11, 2009

West of Bathurst 508

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If you missed the Mother's Day panel, you can find it here. It will also be linked on the Miscellaneous page from now on.

Monday, May 11, 2009
Panel 1: In the Davies College basement nook, Baldwin sits on the floor and Marie on the couch. Casey is standing beside Marie.

Casey: Shall I go away so you can talk about me behind my back some more?

Marie: I knew you were there.

Panel 2:

That makes it all much better.

Marie [stands up]: Oh, stop trying to pick a fight.

Panel 3:

Marie: I'm through fighting with you, worrying about you, or caring what you do at all. We had a fantastic friendship, and you threw it away. Your loss!

Panel 4:

Baldwin: Technically, yours as well.

Marie and Casey: Shut up, Baldwin.

Alt-Text: And the award for "Least Likely to Live Past the Age of Thirty Due to an Inability to Shut Up During Crucial Moments" goes to...

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