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Saturday, September 5, 2009

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Elisa and Athar are real people; you may remember them from the colour comic of August 23, 2008. In the winter of 2008, Athar won a cameo in West of Bathurst in the annual Massey talent auction (all proceeds of which go to various charities). He asked that Elisa be included in the comic. In the winter of 2009, Elisa won the cameo. My favourite part of the auction was when she and Athar ended up in a ferocious bidding war, despite the fact that both of them were perfectly aware that if one won, I would gladly include the other as well.

Now, of course, they have become a running gag. They have therefore made it onto the character page, which has also been updated to acknowledge recent events and include Steve, Stella, Reg, and Paul.

Welcome to Massey, new Junior Fellows. May you enjoy the lecture series, and may you always feel like Harry Potter about to take on Voldemort.

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