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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

West of Bathurst 660

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I'm sorry about all the horrible tardiness. To make up for it (slightly), I shall direct your attention towards the Fan Stuff Page, which contains a new entry. Our friend Nur Hussein has been busy with his Legos again. Check out Fan Stuff #3 for details (Fan Stuff #2 should provide you with a bit of background).

Wednesday, March 10, 2010
Panel 1: Barbara and Marie are looking at Barbara's towering heaps of job applications. Barbara picks one of the applications up.

Barbara: Here's a single application for a one-term, one-course sessional job. First, I have to fill in this four-page form.

Panel 2:

Barbara: Then I attach three letters of reference, six peer evaluations, eight student-evaluation summaries, and my CV.

Marie: Wow. How many courses are you applying for?

Panel 3:


Marie: And how many do you think you'll get?

Panel 4:

With extraordinary good luck, I'll be wait-listed for one that will later be cancelled.

Marie: You make me sad.

Alt-Text: Requirements for sessional applications differ from university to university. I've had everything from a one-page form to a full teaching dossier, CV, and cover letter. The model Barbara's discussing is one with which I am drearily familiar.

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