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Saturday, June 26, 2010

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Okay, yeah. Obviously, I really wanted to post this one yesterday; the subject would have been much more appropriate before the airing of the Doctor Who season finale. Alas, I am behind yet again. I would also like to apologise officially to everyone who doesn't watch Doctor Who (just think of this as a comic poking fun affectionate fun at fangirls and fanboys in general) and assure law-abiding Canadians and Americans (in Canada and the States, the show is weeks behind where it is in Britain and, well, on certain websites) that there are no major spoilers in this comic. The few mild spoiler-like pieces of information are either cryptic or already present in previous episodes. This all applies to the second-last episode; I hadn't seen the last one when I drew the comic. It is just barely possible that I now have.*

*Incidentally, fezzes are cool.

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