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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bonus Anniversary Comic:

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If my computer hadn't committed suicide and I had thus been able to post this comic on Saturday, I would have been telling you that today was West of Bathurst's fourth anniversary. Alas, my computer did commit suicide, and I must therefore instead tell you that last Saturday was West of Bathurst's fourth anniversary. Hurrah...?

Frankly, I cannot frickin' believe I've managed to keep it going as long as I have. It is possible that I am a little bit insane. At any rate, thanks for sticking with the comic and living in hope of the advent of the elusive WoB book (which is stalled at the moment because of marking, as the two comics above this message may attest).

The characters in the extra anniversary strip are, incidentally, me and my friend Jen. I think I confuse Jen quite often. It's fun.

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