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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

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Wednesday on Tuesday night. I'll stop leaving these little notes now, but I just wanted to point out my triumphant, if belated, return to my regular scheduled hypervigilance. It may last for about a day, but you never know.

It is possible that I shall be able to build up a short buffer, if only because I have recently discovered that I won't be able to finish the WoB book until my STUPID BLOODY LAPTOP returns from the shop, where it has now been languishing for five weeks. I could have sworn I had backed up all the relevant files, but I seem to have missed six crucial ones. I shall be very not happy if Future Shop has destroyed them, especially considering FS's exorbitant fee for data retrieval (this is, you understand, a computer that is still under warranty). These guys had bloody well better retrieve all my freaking data.

I think I shall go punch a wall. Farewell.

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