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Saturday, September 18, 2010

West of Bathurst 756

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This comic is dedicated to almost everyone I know.

Saturday, September 18, 2010
Panel 1: In the title panel of this Sunday-style colour comic, Barbara is dressed as an artist (beret and all) and painting a huge work of art that is mostly a dark-blue background with grasping black claws and ghost faces in it. She's putting the finishing touches on the words "West of Bathurst" (in dull red).

Panel 2: Somewhere in Davies College, Barbara is holding a little recording device out towards a young woman with black hair and brown skin.

Woman 1: I'm Mikaela; I'm in Zoology. I plan to finish my Ph.D. in four years.

Panel 3: Now Barbara is interviewing a brown-haired white man and a black-haired East Asian man.

Man 1: John...Poli-Sci. Five years.

Man 2: Scott, in French Lit. Four years for me.

Panel 4: Barbara interviews a brown-haired white woman and a blond white man.

Woman 2: Rebecca: Computer Engineering. Probably five years.

Man 3: Patrick. Classics. Bet my sister I'd be out in three.

Panel 5: Marie approaches as Barbara talks to Alix, a young white woman with brown hair, and a man with dark brown hair and brown skin.

Alix: Alix...Physics. Four or five years.

Man 4: Hans, starting English. Four years, no question.

Panel 6: Everyone is gone except Barbara and Marie.

Marie: Dare I ask?

Barbara: I'm planning an art piece, but I'll have to wait to finish it.

Panel 7:

Barbara: That will happen ten years from now, when I record these people sobbing hysterically because they still have three chapters to write.

Marie: Deep.

Alt-Text: It's art because it embodies despair.

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