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Monday, February 28, 2011

West of Bathurst 837

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Monday, February 28, 2011
Panel 1: Marie and Rahim are sitting on Marie's futon. Marie has just finished a conversation on Casey's cell phone.

Marie: That was Ursula! The girl in the green jacket! She hung up on me!

Rahim: So call her back.

Panel 2: She shows him the phone.

Marie: Can't...unlisted number. And I checked Casey's contacts months ago; there weren't any.

Panel 3: Marie grabs Rahim by the arms.

Marie: I have to find her. Nico said...and then there was the...and in my bedroom, in isn't sustainable!

Panel 4: Marie puts her head down on her knees.

Rahim: And I used to think you were the sane one.

Marie: Quiet...I'm panicking for reasons of my own.

Alt-Text: The sustainability of freaking weird quasi-supernatural situations is a frequent concern of grad students, I find.

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