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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

(Yes, there is a proper Monday comic; please click on "Previous" to see it.)

On Sunday, August 12th, 2012, Donna Vakalis competed in the Olympic Games. That's pretty freaking amazing. In this comic, it's Dana Kavalis competing, but same difference, really.

Incidentally, we arranged to show the combined running and shooting event at Massey. A bunch of people showed up; some were a bit late, probably because they hadn't realised that the whole event would be over in under twenty minutes. Because it wasn't shown on TV--the three Canadian channels were all busy showing the same footage of the men's events--we had to watch it streamed online. Unfortunately, the picture was blurry and pixelated, and it froze approximately once every second after a quarter-second of movement (this is not in any way an exaggeration), so what we were actually seeing was a series of fuzzy still images. We thought we spotted Donna once, though it was hard to tell. At any rate, we were there to cheer her on, and we did so with enthusiasm.

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