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Friday, April 19, 2013

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Hey, guys. I've done a longer post about this on the WoB Talk blog, but here's the short version:

A bit of news: I'm about to bring out my first collaborative CD, and my first solo CD will follow in a week or so. The collaborative CD exists in a limited print run (100 copies) and will also soon be available digitally on Bandcamp. My collaborators, Leslie Hudson and Devin Melanson, and I are going to a convention this weekend, but whatever we have left afterwards will be for sale. Details will follow eventually. For now, the Facebook page linked above at least provides proof that the CD exists. It contains three of my songs, "Everybody Hates Elves," "Being Watson," and "Damn Those Dwarves." Leslie and Devin, who are musical partners, have provided seven songs, three about Star Wars and four about The Princess Bride.

I would also like to offer a first look at the cover, designed by Erik Mohr, of my solo collection, Beowulf Pulled My Arm Off. Here you go:

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