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Sunday, July 21, 2013

This is my way of adding to the insanity while simultaneously accounting for the fact that for some reason that escapes me, I keep putting Baby Marie in different shirts, sometimes even within a single strip.

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Well, it's not morning, but it is Sunday, and considering that this is the "colour" comic (without colour today because it takes place in the dark), that's not half bad.

Summer Contest #4 will be closing tonight at midnight, so get those limericks in, folks.  There have been some excellent ones thus far.

Summer Contest #4 Rules:

 Please explain how you think WoB is going to end...IN LIMERICK FORM.  That's right:  only entries that are also limericks will be accepted.  Points will be awarded at my discretion.  I'm thinking a point for creativity, a point for logic, and a point for perfection of the limerick form itself (and believe me, I am very picky about this sort of thing, so it's possible this last point will not be awarded at all).  Go to it, my poppets.  Make beautiful limericks for Marie and her friends.

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