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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Geeky bribes are the best, really.

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As many of you have doubtless noticed, I'm about a day and a half behind.  As I'll be boarding an airplane this afternoon, this is not likely to change in the next few days.  However, bear with me; I'll eventually catch up.  I'll post the Summer Contest #9 results and the Summer Contest #10 rules when the Monday comic goes up (likely at some point on Tuesday).

UPDATE:  ...Yeah.  So today has been a series of minor disasters that have acted as an excellent demonstration of the domino effect.  First WestJet decided, for no apparent reason, that I would not be flying Toronto-Vancouver-Prince George; instead, I would be flying Toronto-Edmonton-Vancouver-Prince George.  My leisurely two-hour layover in Vancouver was suddenly transformed into a one-hour layover in Edmonton and a nail-biting thirty-minute layover in Vancouver...which would have been fine if all the flights had been either on time or late to a similar degree.  But nooooooo.  The Toronto-Edmonton flight was delayed by forty-five minutes, which gave me a fifteen-minute transfer time in Edmonton.  I've got to say that people who stand in the aisles and slowly remove their luggage from the overhead bins when there are people behind them who NEED TO MAKE THEIR DAMN CONNECTING FLIGHTS may just deserve to get punched in the face.  Of course, when I finally made it to the terminal, I learned that the Edmonton-Vancouver flight had been delayed by two hours.

So obviously, I am not going to make the Vancouver-Prince George flight, which is, naturally, the very last flight of the day and is very likely not two hours late, even if it isn't quite on time.  No evening Prince George arrival = no access to a scanner = no Monday comic.  The comic is drawn; it's just not scanned.

The moral of the story is that the Monday comic will be up when the Monday comic is up.  With great good luck, it may appear before Tuesday has turned into Wednesday.  We shall see.  In the meantime, I shall be spending the night in Vancouver.


For non-Torontonians and Torontonian non-geeks:  Fan Expo is more or less Toronto's answer to Comic-Con.  It's doubtless a lot smaller, but since it takes over both huge buildings of the Toronto Convention Centre, it's quite massive enough for me.  This was my first year going; I tend not to like crowds.  I went mostly to help out at one of the booths, but I had plenty of time to wander around and be tempted by the merchandise.  And yes, I do own a Batman hat now.  (I also bought a sonic screwdriver, but that was because a friend asked me to get one for his daughter, not because I was trying to bribe someone to stop criticising me.)

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