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Friday, November 1, 2013

West of Bathurst 1382

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Friday, November 1, 2013
Panel 1: Marie is standing at a bus stop. The homeless guy who provided her with directions on last Christmas's bizarre mythic quest sidles up to her.

Guy: Did you ever solve that tentacle problem?

Panel 2: Marie is in line at Tim Hortons. The woman behind her is also from the mythic quest; she's the owner of the taxidermy shop.

Woman: You really should have wrapped this up by now. You know that, right?

Panel 3: Marie is sitting at her dining-room table and writing on a piece of paper. Evil Marie sits next to her, smirking.

Evil Marie: So we've never dealt with the fact that Casey can see me.

Panel 4: Barbara opens her apartment door to find Marie standing in the corridor.

Marie: I need to hide under your bed until it's time for me to leave the city.

Barbara: Makes sense to me.

Alt-Text: That would be my impulse.

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