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Monday, November 25, 2013

How DARE he?

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Dear Everyone Who's Getting Impatient With Me:

I don't really want to say much at this point, but I will say that this is not stalling.  Stuff is happening, but because it's happening four panels at a time, there may be a certain glacial quality to the action.  I don't know how long the story's going to take to conclude, but what I'm currently planning to do (if all goes well) is to progress at the usual pace for the next month (I would prefer to go to daily comics right now, but the marking says no), then spend Christmas break drawing daily comics until I finally manage to wrap this monster up.  I'm not unpleased that we're heading for a Christmas(ish) conclusion, as the mystery of Casey does seem somewhat Christmas-centric, thanks mostly to Nico.

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