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This page includes WoB-related various odds and ends that don't fit anywhere else, plus links to all the "irregular" WoB strips (Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc.), which are available in the archive but can still be difficult to find.

Old Banners

July 2006 - August 2007:

Hallowe'en 2006:

Christmas 2006:

Valentine's Day 2007:

Hallowe'en 2007:

Christmas 2007:

Valentine's Day 2008:

Hallowe'en 2008:

Christmas 2008:

Valentine's Day 2009:

April Fool's Day 2009:

Hallowe'en 2009:

Christmas 2009:

Valentine's Day 2010:

Comic #666:

Hallowe'en 2010:

Christmas 2010:

Valentine's Day 2011:

Canada Day 2011:

Hallowe'en 2011:

Christmas 2011:

Valentine's Day 2012:

Hallowe'en 2012:

Christmas 2012:

Valentine's Day 2013:

Hallowe'en 2013:


Christmas 2013:

West of Bathurst, by Kari Maaren

Other Images

Button on Comic Genesis Forums, 2006 - present:

Comic Genesis Clicky Image Thing, 2006 - present:

Image Celebrating the 500th Comic:

Image Marking the Defeat of the Vancouver Canucks in the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals:

Image Marking the Opening of the Final Harry Potter Film:


Barbara Versus the Undergrads
Marie and the Doctor
Through the Gates
Welcome to Geekdom, Population π
Hallowe'en: A Retrospective
Murder, Murder Everywhere
Dana Kavalis does Donna Vakalis
The Davies College Welcome Video

Out-of-Sequence Strips

April Fools' Day 2007
Mother's Day 2007
Father's Day 2007
WoB Anniversary 2007
Scavenger Hunt 2007
April Fools' Day 2008
Mother's Day 2008
Father's Day 2008
WoB Anniversary 2008
April Fools' Day 2009
Mother's Day 2009
Father's Day 2009
WoB Anniversary 2009
April Fools' Day 2010
Random Writing Comic 2010
Mother's Day 2010
Father's Day 2010
WoB Anniversary 2010
Random SpecFic Comic 2010
April Fools' Day 2011
Mother's Day 2011
Father's Day 2011
WoB Anniversary 2011
Thousandth Comic (panel beneath actual comic)
April Fools' Day 2012
Mother's Day 2012
Father's Day 2012
WoB Anniversary 2012
Olympics 2012
April Fools' Day 2013
Mother's Day 2013
Father's Day 2013
WoB Anniversary 2013

Out in the Wilds of the Internet

WoB TV Tropes Page

Other Comics or Comic-Like Entities

Hero, Monster, Traitor, Villain
Fox-Heroine Comic (read the related article here)
Remember Ron Thom, Architect
Writing-Workshop Site Featuring Six Images by Me
Scary Picture of Kari in Lightning Storm at Midnight
Peter Pan: Pencil Sketches
All Hallow's Read Poster Competition Entry
Webcomic Blind Date 2012
Webcomic Blind Date 2013
The Frasers & I

The Davies Bully

Issue 1

Completely Random Stuff

Kari's Audioboo page (featuring some of her original songs)
Kari's YouTube channel (also featuring some of her original songs)
Grad School! The Musical (excerpted lyrics)