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All Hallow's Read:
Poster for 2011 Competition

In October of 2011, I entered the following image in the All Hallow's Read poster competition. All Hallow's Read is a Neil-Gaiman-inspired initiative involving, simply, the exchange of scary books on and around Hallowe'en. It has become a bit of an Internet sensation (on certain bits of the Internet, especially Twitter). The winning poster will represent AHR in 2012 and be printed and distributed by HarperCollins. I just entered because it was fun and I was supposed to be marking. You know, the usual.

All Hallow's Read Poster, 2011

All Hallow's Read Poster (2011)
Panel 1: In this poster, a young girl sits on the floor in a dark space with a candle beside her. She is wide-eyed as she reads a book she is holding close to her face. Behind her, a claw-like hand reaches out of the darkness, aiming for her head.

Alt-Text: Boo.

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