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The Frasers & I:
Goodbye Comic for the Master's Family

In the spring of 2014, Clara Fraser, the youngest daughter of John Fraser, Massey College's outgoing Master, commissioned this comic as a goodbye present for her parents and sisters.  She has given me permission to post it online.  I've chosen the West of Bathurst website as the best place for it because of the connection between the comic and the College.

The Frasers and I

The Frasers & I
Panel 1: In the title panel of this Sunday-style colour comic, a middle-aged woman with short brown hair and glasses, who is wearing a light purple top and leggings, a dark purple skirt, and a turquoise scarf, stands against a wall, holding a sheaf of papers. The woman is Elizabeth MacCallum. The words "The Frasers & I" appear beside her, blending in with the bricks.

Caption: Massey College. The lodging. Day 6,822.

Panel 2: Looking shifty, Elizabeth sneaks through a door.

Caption: Once more, I lie in wait. I must always remain vigilant.

Panel 3: She creeps down the hallway, past a picture of her husband, John Fraser, and a bald man.

Caption: People ask me why I do it. It is difficult to explain the thrill of the chase...the feeling of culmination when my patience pays off.

Panel 4: She continues down the hallway, looking warily around her.

Caption: It comes without warning. It's over in an instant. Heaven help me if I'm not prepared for--

Panel 5: Four people erupt through various doors: Elizabeth's three adult daughters (Kate, Jessie, and Clara) and their father, John. John is wearing his ceremonial Master's robes. Elizabeth, stone-faced, holds out various pieces of paper; everybody grabs a sheet or two.

Kate: Someone's taken that thing for my camera! You know...the one I like.

Jessie: I think I just broke someone's tambourine. What do I do?

Clara: Did you just wash my sheet music? Did you? Did you?

John: I have to go meet the king of somewhere, but I can't remember where he is!

Panel 6: Everyone is gone but Elizabeth, who dusts off her hands.

Caption: It is finished. All I can do now is wait...wait and hope they read the notes eventually. And tomorrow...

Caption: all begins again.

Alt-Text: I like to think that on still nights, the spirits of Clara, Kate, Jessie, and John will bounce around the College, screaming frantically about random subjects, while the spirit of Elizabeth will just stand there and sigh.  And yes, I realise these people are all still alive.

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Comics copyright Kari Maaren 2006-2014