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Webcomic Blind Date 2012

It is February of 2012, and I have just participated in the Webcomic Beacon's Webcomic Blind Date, which is, to be frank, the only type of blind date that seems at all sane to me. Iwas paired with another webcomicker, Ahmed Fahim of Silent Pirate. I wrote the comic's script, and Ahmed supplied the deliciously appropriate illustrations. I am very fond of his little red devil. The finished product is below.

Webcomic Blind Date 2012

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Webcomic Blind Date 2012
Panel 1: A bright red devil in a Hawaiian shirt sits on a park bench, writing a letter.

Devil [writes]: Dear Supreme Master of Evil: My vacation topside is going well thus far.

Panel 2:

[writes]: As it is mid-February in the mortal realm, I'm currently witnessing one of your greatest inventions in action.

Panel 3:

Devil [writes]: Admittedly, when you first told us about this one, a lot of us were sceptical. It seemed a bit counterintuitive.

Panel 4: A man and woman walk past. The man holds a heart-shaped box of chocolates out to the angry woman.

You didn't get reservations for Valentine's Day? For Valentine's Day?

Man: I forgot! There was a thing! I bought you chocolates!

Panel 5:

Woman: Are you saying I'm fat?

Man: Are you saying I'm petty?

Woman: Go to hell!

Man: After you!

Panel 6:

Devil [writes]: As it turns out, that has never been a problem.

The man and woman swear at each other in the background.

Alt-Text: Valentine's Day: the only time of the year a bright red devil can sit on a park bench and not attract any attention.

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Comic copyright Ahmed Fahim and Kari Maaren 2012