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Webcomic Blind Date 2013

It is February of 2013, and I have once again just participated in the Webcomic Beacon's Webcomic Blind Date, which pairs webcomic writers with webcomic artists. This year, I teamed up with Rod Salm, the creator of Death at Your Door. I wrote the comic's script, and Rod did the illustrations. I gave him NO guidance as to visuals (except to say that the speakers were both female), so those characters are all his, as is the setting. I am quite taken with the second-last panel. The finished product is below. As well, see beneath the comic for a link to a related song.

Webcomic Blind Date 2013

Aaaaaaaand here's a song I wrote on approximately the same subject. Think of it as the comic's musical accompaniment. Here, as well, is another song that is also about love.

As well, you should know that the fairy tales I'm referencing here are real ones. Here's the explanation I sent to Rod before he drew the strip:

Panel 2: a version of “The Frog King.” Actually, many versions of this tale end with the girl cutting off the frog’s head, but my favourite is called “The Well of the World’s End,” and you can find it here:

Panel 3: Again, this is a common tale type; an easily accessible version is the Grimm Brothers’ “All Fur” or “All-Kinds-of-Fur”:

Panel 4; That would be the Grimms’ “The Brave Little Tailor”:

Panel 5: This is a Russian story called “Vasilisa the Beautiful”:

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Webcomic Blind Date 2013
Panel 1: Two young women sit on a dock, their feet dangling into the water. Let's call them Pam and Katherine, just because.

Pam: Did you hear? Rick and Emma got together. It's just like a fairy tale.

Panel 2:

You mean he was a frog, and she had to cut off his head with an axe?

Pam: What? No.

Panel 3:

Katherine: Her father propositioned her, so she draped herself with animal corpes and put a ring in his soup?

Pam: What are you--

Panel 4:

Katherine: He tricked everyone into thinking he was a giant-slayer, and her dad gave her away as a prize?

Pam: That isn't--

Panel 5: We see Katherine imagining out this next one (with a picture of a medieval maiden wrapping a man in thread).

Katherine: She ensnared him with her magic sewing after a cannibalistic witch helped her murder her family?

Panel 6: Pam gets up to leave.

Pam: There's something seriously wrong with you.

Katherine: What kind of fairy tales do you know?

Alt-Text: And she didn't even touch on the fairy tales with necrophilia in them...

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Comic copyright Rod Salm and Kari Maaren 2013