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Saturday, September 9, 2006

West of Bathurst 21

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Saturday, September 9, 2006
Panel 1: It's colour-comic time! In the long title panel, we first see some sort of utility pole. On it is a black street sign with a white arrow pointing left. The black text inside the arrow reads: "WEST OF BATHURST." Below it on the pole, someone has pasted a notice with a bunch of little tear-off strips at the bottom. The only legible words on the notice are: "BY KARI MAAREN." To the right of the pole is Barbara, holding one hand up in front of her in a warding gesture and jerking her other thumb back towards the pole. Her eyes are closed and her mouth open, as if she is preaching sanctimoniously. Facing her are Marie, who looks very sceptical, and Casey, who is smirking.

Panel 2:
Casey, Marie, and Barbara are out on the street, standing in front of some anonymous storefront. Marie holds a little slip of paper in her hand.

Marie: Okay, looks like this place is at Bloor and Christie.

Barbara: Then we can't go there.

Panel 3:

Marie: Why?

Barbara: It's west of Bathurst.

Panel 4:


Barbara: "So?" "So?" One of the fundamental rules of Davies life is that you never go north of Bloor, east of Yonge, south of College, or--most importantly--west of Bathurst.

Panel 5:

Barbara: West of Bathurst is the Promised Land! West of Bathurst represents all we hope to attain in grad school, and all that is, so far, out of our reach!

Panel 6:

Barbara: In the meantime, we stay within the narrow bounds laid out for us by our pitiful book-laden existence and dream of one day being able to transcend them.

Panel 7:

Marie: Okay...looks like this place is at Bloor and Christie.

Barbara: people have no grasp on reality.

Alt-Text: Finally...the comic's name is explained!

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