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Monday, October 23, 2006

West of Bathurst 43

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Monday, October 23, 2006
Special Hallowe'en Header: In this temporary colour header, the words "West of Bathurst" appear to be dripping blood. "By Kari Maaren," off to the right, is much smaller but also bright red. To the extreme left, Barbara is holding forth on some topic. To the extreme right, Rahim and Marie are looking at either her or the bleeding words. Marie is grimacing and pressing a hand to her chest. Casey, who is smiling, is turned partly away from both of them.

Panel 1:
While walking through the Davies corridors, Marie comes across an extremely sad clown.

Panel 2:

Marie [incredulously]: Rahim?

Wendy [zips into the panel, also dressed as a clown]: Isn't he cute? We're trying on our Hallowe'en costumes! As DEF co-chairs, we have to match!

Panel 3:

Wendy: We are planning such a great party for you guys! We'll have games and contests and quite a lot of beer! You'll have to get a costume soon-soon-soon!

Panel 4: Wendy is gone, but Casey has turned up to stare at Rahim too.

Marie [gingerly]: Rahim...?

Rahim: Please kill me.

Casey: Really, it's the merciful thing to do.

Alt-Text: Aaaargh...the memories...the horrible, horrible memories...

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