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Friday, November 3, 2006

West of Bathurst 48

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Friday, November 3, 2006
Panel 1: In the Davies common room, a chubby black-haired man of Asian ancestry sits on a couch, playing a guitar. Casey is nearby on a chair, smiling as he listens to the song.

Guitarist [sings]: Sittin' here as the clock strikes three, / Alone with my thoughts, / Alone with my loneliness.

Panel 2:

Guitarist [sings]: Sittin' here, don't know how to be: / At one with myself, / Yearning for togetherness?

Panel 3:

Guitarist [sings]: Big wheel turns. Every year the same. / Every year the game plays on. / And every year I write / A song 'bout how I've seen...

Panel 4: The camera pans out, and we see there are many drunken, miserable people, including Marie and the blue-haired woman, strewn about the floor at the guitarist's feet.

Guitarist [sings]: The carnage that follows / A Davies Hallowe'en...

Blue-Haired Woman [to Casey]: I will pay you to strangle the guitarist.

Alt-Text: It's the Ciiiiirrrrrcle of Sanity-Destroying Twelve-Hour Parties...

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