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Saturday, November 4, 2006

West of Bathurst 49

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Saturday, November 4, 2006
Panel 1: In this colour comic, the long title panel has, at the far right, an image of Rahim with a green-skinned alien tapping him on the shoulder. To the left are incomprehensible words in what is apparently alien script. They are subtitled "[WEST OF BATHURST]" and "[BY KARI MAAREN]."

Panel 2: Marie, Rahim, Casey, and the blue-haired woman, whom I simply cannot believe I haven't named yet, are having dinner at a restaurant.

Marie: Rahim, I've been meaning to ask: how on earth did you end up chairing the DEF with Wendy?

Rahim: Ah. That's a bit of a strange story, actually.

Panel 3:

Rahim: You see, one day last spring, I was sitting in the quad, reading about bowel disease, when two very tall, very pale people approached me.

Panel 4:

Rahim: Before I could speak to them, everything went black. I woke up to find myself on an alien spacecraft with a bright green humanoid operating on my head.

Panel 5:

Rahim: When I returned home a few hours later, I found that I had developed an overwhelming urge to indulge in a full year of pointless self-torture. I contacted Wendy immediately.

Panel 6: Everyone stares at Rahim.

Panel 7: Marie pats Rahim sympathetically on the shoulder.

Rahim: I mean, really: it's the only possible explanation.

Casey: I can buy that.

Alt-Text: It could happen to you too...

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