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Monday, November 13, 2006

West of Bathurst 53

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Monday, November 13, 2006
Panel 1: The Davies dining hall has been set up for the Coffee House. The tables have been moved into a different configuration, and all the chairs are facing the "stage" (a raised platform at one end of the room). Marie and Rahim are sitting side by side on two of the chairs. Behind them, other Junior Fellows are visible sitting in chairs or moving across the back of the room.

Marie: Are the performers at these things any good?

Rahim: Sometimes.

Panel 2: On the stage, a young man in a striped shirt speaks into a microphone. We can see an electric guitar and an amp on the stage as well.

Young Man: All right: for our first act, we have Alistair Sinclair reading his own poetry.

Panel 3: Alistair, a young white man with fair hair falling in his face, takes the microphone.

Alistair: Death. / Darkness encroaching, / rotting through lost / joy: / I am despair. / I am putrescence. / Love me.

Panel 4: The audience members are cringing.

Rahim: Sometimes not.

Marie: Yup.

Alt-Text: No, I am NOT lampooning any poetic JF here...I swear.

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