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Saturday, December 2, 2006

West of Bathurst 63

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Saturday, December 2, 2006
Panel 1:  In this colour comic, everything takes place in the same location: a room with yellow walls. Barbara is sitting in a chair (a very specific kind of chair found only at Davies College; it has an uncomfortable-looking wooden back that reaches the sitter's mid-back and is only about six inches tall, with a gap between it and the seat). In the title panel, we see Barbara seated at the table, a stack of essays beside her. She is using a pencil to write a note on one of the essays. On the left side of the panel, we see what appears to be a giant title page, tilted to the right. We see part of the paper's title: "f Bath and Feminism." A circled note, handwritten in red pen, points to the title. It reads, "West of Bathurst!" Below the title are two question marks in red pen. We also see "by Kari Maaren" in red pen, accompanied by an arrow pointing down.

As Barbara writes on the paper, the words she is writing appear, in handwriting, above her head.

Barbara [writes]: Dear Daphne:

Panel 2:

Barbara [writes]: As I was reading through your term paper, a question came to mind:

Panel 3:

Barbara [writes]: How the bleeding heck did you ever make it into university? Seriously...what are you doing here? You're clearly not very bright. This may be the worst essay I have ever encountered.

Panel 4:

Barbara [writes]: I have heard better arguments formulated by drunken parakeets. You can't write, you can't spell, and you steal at least half of your "ideas" from Wikipedia.

Panel 5: Barbara's writing begins to get a little large and passionate.

[writes]: I would rather GOUGE my own eyeballs out with SPOONS than read this essay again. I HATE it. It has KILLED most of my BRAIN CELLS, you evil, stupid, soulless [incomprehensible scribble]

Panel 6: Barbara stares ruefully at the paper.

Panel 7: Barbara reverses the pencil and erases her comment.

Panel 8:

Barbara [writes]: Dear Daphne: You make some interesting points in this paper.

Barbara: *Sigh*

Alt-Text: Bet you anything 90% of you like Barbara better now.

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