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Saturday, December 16, 2006

West of Bathurst 70

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Saturday, December 16, 2006
Holiday Header: Oopsy. The Christmas/holiday header has been up for a couple of weeks, but I've forgotten to describe it until now. It pictures Frankie on the left and Casey, Barbara, Marie, and Rahim on the right. Frankie and Barbara are putting up a long string of Christmas lights, Casey is holding holly while smirking, and Marie is looking down at what seems to be about a third of a wreath. Rahim is peeking into this scene but not holding anything Christmas-related. The words "West of Bathurst" appear in giant red and green Gothic letters. "By Kari Maaren" is in smaller red and green Gothic letters.

Panel 1:
In this colour comic, Marie and Rahim stand in front of a red background and regard each other ruefully. Between them, the words "West of Bathurst" are entangled with a spring of holly and an ivy creeper. "By Kari Maaren" is below.

Panel 2: In a bus station, Barbara is met by a ginger woman a bit older than her and a little girl with blazing red hair.

Caption in Fancy Lettering:

'Twas the night before Christmas,
And over the globe
All the Fellows had scattered,
Each (horrors!) sans robe.

Girl: Barbara!

Barbara: Hey, squirt.

Panel 3:  Casey roots through a cardboard box. It's hard to tell what's in it, but we can see something that looks like a bundle of sticks and something else that looks like a pitchfork.


Some ate with their families.
Some fled to the bar.
Some practised traditions
That could be termed "bizarre."

Voice From Off-Panel: Geez, Mulligan...why are you never ready on time?

Casey: I'm coming! I'm trying! I can't find the chains!

Panel 4: Frankie sits on a couch in a house decorated for Christmas, talking to an older man and a younger one who may be her father and brother.


The blissful contentment
They felt on that night
Set the wonderful spirit
Of Christmas alight.

Panel 5: Fred stands in the snow and snuggles with his girlfriend.


They could look back upon it
As they would on a dream.

Panel 6: Rahim and Marie sit together on a couch. Rahim is holding a TV remote while Marie digs into a bowl of popcorn.


Well, all right: except for
Marie and Rahim.

Rahim: These films are all about a bunch of rich white Christians being taught by quasi-divine forces that it's only okay to lie, cheat, and steal on the other 364 days of the year.

Marie: Yep.

Alt-Text: What? Me, cynical? Naaaaaaah...

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