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Saturday, December 30, 2006

West of Bathurst 77

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Saturday, December 30, 2006
Panel 1: In the title panel of this colour comic, Marie is sitting on a concrete slab beside the fireplace in the Davies common room. A fire is crackling beside her as Marie reads a small read book. The smoke rising from the fire forms the words "WEST OF BATHURST." The words "BY KARI MAAREN" are built into the screen separating the fire from Marie.

Voice From Off-Panel: Mariiiiiie!

Marie [thinks]: Oh dear lord...

Panel 2: Wendy--soaking wet, shivering, and hugging herself--appears in front of Marie, dressed entirely in pink.

Wendy: Marie! What are you doing in here? You're missing the party!

Panel 3: Wendy sits down beside Marie.

Wendy: Haven't you noticed? We've been in the quad for hours. It's minus fifteen degrees plus wind chill. We've been drinking beer and slowly losing all sensation in our extremities!

Panel 4:

Wendy: Ha ha ha...we hardly remembered to ring in the new year! But then we did, and someone found a hatchet and broke through the ice on the pond! And we all jumped in!

Panel 5:

Wendy: And we're wet and cold and Paul lost his jacket and I think Jackie needs to go to the hospital! We do this every year! Isn't it a great tradition?

Panel 6: Marie looks narrowly at Wendy, who is smiling widely.

Panel 7:

Marie: This is a trick question, right?

Wendy [leaves]: Got to go...they're starting the snow croquet!

Alt-Text: See...the thing is...this is not actually an exaggeration at all...

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