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Saturday, January 13, 2007

West of Bathurst 84

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Saturday, January 13, 2007
Panel 1: In the large first panel of this colour comic, Marie and Casey look apprehensively over their shoulders at several people who appear to be following them: a grinning brown-skinned blonde woman; a pondering black-haired white woman; the brown-skinned, black-haired man who played the guitar at the Hallowe'en party, who is filming them with a digital camera; a white man with curly brown hair, who is smiling evilly and pointing at them; a white woman with light brown hair, who is recording what seems to be a play-by-play on a sheet of paper attached to a clipboard; and a white man with brown hair and a brown moustache and goatee, who is stroking his chin. The words "West of Bathurst," which appear to be made of blood smears, separate Marie and Casey from all these people. "BY KARI MAAREN" is below in much smaller letters.

Panel 2: Marie and Casey are sitting on the "batcouch" (i.e., the back couch, which is behind the puffy couch) in the Davies Puffy Couch Room. Yes, that is the room's official name. The couches are in the TV nook. Behind them, we can see a painting of a small sailboat pulled up onto the beach, the top of a pool table, and a Coke-brand vending machine. Casey is reading from a sheet of paper.

Casey: "The Davies Murder Game takes place between ten p.m. this Friday and noon the following Tuesday. The rules are simple:

Panel 3:

Casey: "Each participant receives the name of one 'victim'; s/he may 'kill' that victim simply by touching him/her. S/he must then kill his/her victim's victim, and so on. A kill is worth one point; survival to game's end is worth two.

Panel 4:

Casey: "A kill can only be made when no other living game participants are in the room. However, a killer cannot enter a victim's residence room without being invited in.

Panel 5:

Casey: "The Murder Game is meant to relieve academic tension and foster a sense of community among Davies Junior Fellows. Participants are expected to observe the Rule of Courtesy at all times."

Panel 6:

Casey: Well...that doesn't sound so bad.

Marie: No, it doesn't.

Panel 7: Rahim, smiling sarcastically, walks behind them.

Marie: Except I think someone installed a motion detector outside my room this morning.

Rahim: "Foster a sense of community"...ha ha ha ha ha!

Alt-Text: Actually, I'm not sure anyone even PRETENDS the Murder Game has any social virtues any more...

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