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Saturday, January 27, 2007

West of Bathurst 91

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Saturday, January 27, 2007
Panel 1: In the title panel of this colour comic, Marie, wearing a dress and her dinner robe, is waiting in line in the Davies cloakroom. Five women are in front of her, all of them lined up in front of a door labelled "Ladies." Barbara is directly in front of Marie, who is doing the "I really need to pee" dance. Each of the six women in line is thinking a word. Starting with Marie, the words are: "West," "of," "Bathurst," "by," "Kari," and "Maaren."

Panel 2:

Marie [thinks]: Dear lord. I'm not gonna make it.

Panel 3: Marie peeks past the oblivious women in front of her.

Marie [thinks]: This always happens after High Table. Why didn't I go between courses? Why are there only three stalls?

Panel 4:

Marie [thinks]: I think I'm probably in Hell. That's it: I died of boredoom halfway through and was sent to a special bathroom-line-up Hades. I'm doomed.

Panel 5: Barbara has noticed Marie's squirming.

Marie [thinks]: Why don't men have this problem? Why do they just breeze in and out again? Why is my bladder so minuscule? Why? Why? Why?

Panel 6: Barbara turns around.

Barbara: You know, if you really have to go, our private bathroom is a fifteen-second walk from here.

Panel 7: Marie massages her own forehead.

Marie [thinks]: Why have grad studies apparently eaten my brain?

Barbara [counts them off on her fingers]: And there are two in the basement...and one near the Round Room...and thirty on the residence floors...

Alt-Text: I've never done this. No, really. No, REALLY.

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