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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

West of Bathurst 96

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Wednesday, February 7, 2007
Panel 1: At the Winter Ball, eight Junior Fellows are sitting around a small round table. We can see Marie, Casey, and Frankie side by side. Rahim is next to Marie and Barbara next to Rahim. Frankie is smiling as she talks to Casey, who looks uncomfortable.

Marie [thinks]: Calm down, Marie. Frankie's trying to make you jealous; she's too mad at Casey to like him in that way.

Panel 2:

Marie [thinks]: But what if she isn't? What if the anger is an act? What if--wait a minute. I don't like Casey in that way!

Panel 3: Frankie is now very much getting into Casey's personal space.

Marie [thinks]: No. I don't. He's my friend. I can't afford to have a crush right now. I'm perfectly in control of--why is she leaning over like that?

Panel 4: Marie gazes unhappily down at her wine glass.

Rahim: Well, I can see you're having fun.

Marie [thinks]: I wonder if anybody's ever drowned herself in a glass of wine before?

Alt-Text: I'll bet someone actually has. Probably on Valentine's Day.

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