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Monday, March 12, 2007

West of Bathurst 113

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Masseyites should note that I drew this week's strips over the Christmas break. In fact, I drew every strip that will run before March 23 over the Christmas break; everything else (up until sometime in May) was scribbled out in mid-February. I know the spring elections can sometimes be kind of sensitive, but--to be brutally honest--Rahim is Rahim, and Frankie is Frankie; neither represents any real Masseyite, and their interactions are not meant as devastating satirical comments on anyone in particular. I realise that Coincidence has struck again and that an LMF co-chair is, in fact, running for Don...but I was actually rather (pleasantly) surprised when I found out this was happening. Please take these strips as light-hearted comments on Massey life in general. I am not quite as evil as I sometimes seem.

Monday, March 12, 2007
Panel 1: Rahim and Frankie are walking through the Davies foyer.

Frankie: I hear you're challenging me for the Donship.

Rahim: Apparently.

Panel 2:

I'd have thought you'd have had enough of public office at Davies. What made you decide to run?

Panel 3:

A feeling of responsibility prompted by fury arising from your extreme and unnecessary cruelty towards my friend Marie at this year's Winter Ball.

Panel 4: Rahim walks away as Barbara pokes her head into the scene.

Rahim: I.e., you did.

Barbara: Oh, snap!

Alt-Text: Oh deary deary deary me...

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