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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

West of Bathurst 117

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007
Panel 1: Wendy and Morgan are in the Davies foyer, where a voting table has been set up. Wendy is holding a ballot. Morgan, an alumna, cannot vote in the elections.

Wendy: I hope Frankie wins; I like it when the Don is a woman!

Morgan: But Rahim was DEF co-chair with you.

Panel 2: Wendy submits her ballot.

Yes, but he's boring. Can't have a boring Don.

Morgan: A manipulative one is better, is it?

Panel 3:

Better manipulative than cynical!

Morgan: Better cynical than petty!

Wendy: Freak!

Morgan: Ditz!

Panel 4: Marie and Rahim are standing nearby, listening.

Marie: All this passion...and I'm still not sure what the Don even does.

Rahim: Who is?

Alt-Text: The truth is that the Don doesn't do anything except hide from people who have locked themselves out of their rooms at three o'clock a.m.

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