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Saturday, March 24, 2007

West of Bathurst 119

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Saturday, March 24, 2007
Panel 1: In the large title panel of this colour comic, Casey, holding a cup, glances towards Marie, who is sitting lost in thought, her chin resting on her fist. She is thinking out a poem, which reads: "thoughts of summer caught in / the smoke-fed ice within ["within" is crossed out] / through glimpses of home -- maybe / something with the crows...? -- the / ones we saw last week when we went / West of Bathurst and Barbara said." In a second smaller thought bubble are the words, within parentheses, "(by Kari Maaren)."

Panel 2: Casey and Marie are sitting on a couch in the Davies Junior Common Room.

Casey: You all right?

Marie: What? Yes, fine. I was having an idea for a poem. Funny...that hasn't happened in a while.

Panel 3:

[starts to get up]: I'll go--

Marie: No, stay. You...I don't know. I get more ideas when you're around.

Panel 4:

Casey: You do?

Marie: It...I can't articulate it. There's something about you that seems to make things more...possible than usual. Somehow. I don't know!

Panel 5: Casey's cell phone, which is in his pocket, rings.

Marie: Sorry. Look, it's really hard to explain. I'm not even sure...exactly...

Panel 6: Casey speaks into his phone.

Casey: Hello? Hi, did? I told you to leave the tentacles alone. Well, then it's your own fault. Tell Nico it's something to do with space-time. Yeah, the whole tear-in-the-fabric thing.

Panel 7: Casey gets up and, still talking, begins to walk away.

Marie [stares at him]: Okay, maybe it's not so hard to explain...

Casey: Pitchforks! Pay attention to the pitchforks! No, not the lake of everlasting flame...geez!

Alt-Text: What *are* he and his mom talking about...?

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