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Saturday, April 7, 2007

West of Bathurst 126

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Saturday, April 7, 2007
Panel 1: In the title panel of this colour comic, we see Marie and Rahim reflected upside down in black water. The watery words "West of Bathurst" and "by Kari Maaren" shimmer over their faces.

Marie: You ready?

Rahim: Define "ready"...

Panel 2: In the Davies quadrangle at night, a crowd of gowned Junior Fellows gathers around Rahim, who is not gowned, and the outgoing Don of Hall, Dana. In this panel, we see only Dana and Rahim. Rahim is wearing his least impressed facial expression, which he maintains throughout the comic.

Dana: Fellow Daves. Tonight, I would like to talk to you about tradition.

Panel 3: We see more of the scene in this panel. The students are standing in a circle between two of the Davies ponds. Behind them, the windows of the Davies Junior Common Room are visible. Besides Dana and Rahim, the crowd includes Marie, Casey, Barbara, Jackie, and four other Junior Fellows.

Dana: As outgoing Don of Hall, I know that a sense of tradition drives this place. The robes...the Latin graces...the round of gaudies and feasts: they shape the lives of all Davies Fellows, Junior and Senior.

Panel 4: We see Dana and Rahim from the side. Marie is standing near Rahim, smiling.

Dana: Without tradition, our days would lack form. Uncertainty would take over, eventually coming to rule all.

Panel 5:

Dana: This we cannot have. My friends, join with me now in a celebration of tradition. Embrace the customs associated with this night, thus driving back chaos and darkness.

Panel 6: Dana grins and gestures at Rahim.

Dana: Custom number one: throw the new Don into the fish pond.

A giant blue and white "SPLASH" notation replaces the gutter between Panels 6 and 7.

Panel 7: Rahim is in the pond, water running down his face. Marie crouches down to talk to him.

Marie: How does it feel to drive back chaos and darkness?

Rahim: I'll tell you when sensation has returned to my extremities.

Alt-Text: When we actually did this two weeks ago, there was a lot more splashing and screaming.

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