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Saturday, June 2, 2007

West of Bathurst 154

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I would like to thank Ester Macedo for letting me use her office as the model for Jackie's. Certain of Ester's possessions are scattered about Jackie's room...

Saturday, June 2, 2007
Panel 1: In the title panel of this colour comic, we see a door at Davies College. The door has the number "3" on it, as well as the name "J. Keef." Beside it is a bulletin board to which is attached a small whiteboard on which someone has written, "The rentals coordinator is West of Bathurst and will not be back until you're gone." "By Kari Maaren" appears on a notice attached to the bulletin board. The summer rentals coordinator, Jackie, is peering out past the barely open door.

Panel 2: In Jackie's office, Jackie is sitting on the desk chair, while Marie perches on the desk. The windows are open, and we can see out into the quadrangle. On the desk are a hanging plant (unhung), a mug, a laptop, a big office phone, and a few other odds and ends.

Marie: So you get free room and board for sitting in this room all day and working out where to put the summer residents.

Jackie: Yeah, I know. It's--

Panel 3: We see the room from a different angle. Next to the desk is a bank of shelves holding books, papers, and a little figurine, though many of the shelves are empty. A portly, bald, white gentleman wearing a suit and a rumpled tie appears beside the shelves.

Man: Excuse me, young lady. There's no bed in my room.

Jackie: Really? Okay. Just hang on a sec...I'll call the super.

Panel 4: A young white woman holding a screaming baby while three small children cling to her is standing in the doorway.

Jackie: Anyway, it's--

Woman: We need for room five! No reservation! Speak on us Ukrainian!

Panel 5: The terrible blonde woman who was tormenting Jackie at breakfast buzzes past everybody else and gets into Jackie's face. Now that she is in colour, we can see that her hair is bleached, while she is sporting a deep tan.

Jackie: Uh...right. Uh...Marie, does Ilia know--

Terrible Blonde Woman: There were people talking outside my window until 8:30 last night! What are you going to do about it?

Panel 6:

Man: Wait your turn, please, miss.

Terrible Blonde Woman: Get your ugly fatness outta my face!

Woman: Baby is need diaper to change.

Panel 7: Jackie slumps in her seat as the altercation continues behind her.

Jackie: I'm thinking of asking for a raise.

Voice from Outside in the Quadrangle: Jackie, there's a summer guest stuck in a tree...

Alt-Text: Yes, many summer residents are lovely people, but lovely people make for boring comics, so...

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