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Monday, December 3, 2007

West of Bathurst 246

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Monday, December 3, 2007
2007 Christmas Header:

In this special seasonal header, we see the words "West of Bathurst" in red Christmassy font against a green background. To their right is a little group of carollers composed of Wendy, singing happily; Barbara, baring her teeth at Casey; Casey, looking askance at Barbara; Marie, watching Barbara and Casey dubiously; Frankie, glancing sidelong at Baldwin; Baldwin, singing smugly with his eyes closed; and Rahim, flinging his music over his shoulder and walking away. Three of the carollers' red choir folders bear the words "by," "Kari," and "Maaren."

Panel 1:
Marie (no longer sick) and Casey are sitting on a couch in the Davies common room. Marie is reading a newspaper. Wolfgang comes up behind them.

Wolfgang [to Casey]: Hello. I'm looking for a squash partner; are you interested?

Casey: Well...I--

Panel 2: Darren walks past Wolfgang.

Darren [smirks]: He can't do sports. He has only one foot.

Wolfgang [turns to leave]: Oh...never mind, then.

Panel 3: Casey glares balefully after Wolfgang as Marie watches him.

Panel 4: Marie puts a hand on Casey's shoulder.

Marie: You should maybe start breathing again soon.

Casey: Yelling's the same thing as breathing, right?

Alt-Text: They do have similarities, though one is louder and does not involve taking oxygen in.

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